Whatever your field of activity, having a website is essential to develop your image on the internet. You are bound to find the one that will meet your needs among the website types.

Showcase websites

Being a real online showcase, the showcase website allows to present the company, its activity, its services and products. It also allows a connection with Internet users and potential customers.

Contact or quote request forms are used.

Corporate websites

Unlike showcase sites, corporate  websites do not have a direct commercial purpose. They make it possible to convey the values of an organization and to share public information.

It is among the website types that ensure the development and enhancement of the image of the company. It makes it possible to develop relations with the media and Internet users.

Online store websites

Also called merchant site, the site ecommerce represents a fully functional online store. It allows the user to make purchases and payments online.

The e-commerce site allows companies to directly offer products for sale online. It thus facilitates access to all offers. The trick here is around bringing products closer to prospects and customers.

Portail websites

The portals designate reference sites in their fields. They offer services to Internet users (messaging, calendar, news panels). This type of website allows the Internet user to register and log in to be able to access it and use all the services offered.

Personal websites

Also known as business card sites, personal sites are used to convey basic information on the activity and contact details. It really is a showcase site in its most basic form.

The portfolio site is also a manifestation of the personal site which is typically used by artists and creatives to distribute their work.


Considered as online magazines, blogs are informative sites where people publish web content quality to provide information to Internet users. Think of it like an electronic journal where you publish posts or blog articles on one or more topics.

Community websites

Community websites are also social networks. They make it possible to bring together communities of Internet users. Forums, for example, are community sites, where Internet users can register to be able to post topics or participate in conversations.

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