According to a study conducted by the HCP, nearly 70% of Moroccan entreprises do not have a company website.

Low entreprise website penetration:

Nearly 7 out of 10 companies did not create their entreprise website in 2019, reveals the High Commission for Planning (HCP). He has just published a note on the situation of the integration of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) at company level.
“The share of companies that had their own website did not exceed 31% in 2019, compared to 49% in Turkey, 70% in France and 89% in Germany”, indicates the HCP.
This delay in digitization was even more significant at the level of medium-sized or small companies which constitute 93% of all companies in Morocco. The source specifies that more than 3 out of 5 very small, small and medium-sized enterprises (VSMEs) had neither a website nor a page on social networks.

Payment and e-commerce:

The said note also highlights that the use of the entreprise website for the commercial development of companies has also been limited. In fact, 4 out of 7 companies that had a web page did not place orders or payments online from their web page.
They were also less likely to produce descriptive content on their entreprise website, specific to their regular customers, or to their employment needs. The creation of the website was mainly limited to the description of their activity, in particular at the level of the industry where 78% of the companies used it to describe their marketed goods and services or to list the prices.

Human ressources :

In addition, the HCP points out that 6 out of 7 companies did not recruit in ICT on the eve of the Covid-19 crisis. “Companies have poorly equipped themselves with ICT specialists on the eve of the Covid-19 crisis. During the period 2016-2018, 86% of companies did not recruit ICT specialists,” he notes.
For the 14%s of companies that declared recruitment difficulties, the high salary requirements, the instability of these profiles in the job and the lack of certain qualifications were the main constraints to hiring in terms of ICT. Few of them relied on their own employees to develop, adapt or support IT solutions in the face of the repercussions of the covid-19 crisis.

Integration of ICT in business:

Survey :

At the same time, the HCP raises a very heterogeneous integration of ICT at the sectoral level. “In order to determine progress in terms of ICT integration at the sectoral level, we retained the responses of companies which corresponded to 8 variables: use of financial management or accounting software, customer relationship management software ( GRC), office automation software, hosting of the company’s database, storage of files through external IT services, creation of the web page, use of the web page in marketing and advertising and recruitment in ICT material”.
The information provided by these variables was summarized through the technique of principal component analysis and classified by reference to the average for 8 branches of activity, namely, food processing, textiles and leather, chemical industries, mechanical and metal, electrical and electronic industries, construction, trade and non-financial services.

Results :

The results of the classification show that only 3 branches of activity exceeded the average in 2019 in terms of the use of new technologies. The performance of companies in the electrical and electronics industries was evident, with an index up 27 points compared to the national average (normalized excluding financial services at 100). The chemical and food industries exceeded the average by 2.7 and 1.5 points respectively.
On the other hand, the other branches, dominated by medium-sized or small businesses, showed a significant delay in the use of ICT, in particular at the level of construction, below more than 7 points compared to the average.

Steps :

This note presents the situation of ICT integration at company level based on the results of two surveys conducted by the HCP. The first survey, conducted in 2019 among 2,101 companies operating in industry, construction, trade and non-financial market services, aimed mainly to understand the activities of companies, in their diversity, and the economic and social context in which they operate and to welcome their perceptions on the use of new technologies.
The second survey was carried out in December 2020 among 3,600 companies, in order to assess the effects of the covid-19 health crisis on their activities and to receive their assessments of the outlook for changes in activity, employment and investment in 2021.

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